The Professional Armwrestling League is a major worldwide orgainzation ran by Igor Mazurenko. This includes Zloty Tur, Vendetta and Top 8, as well as American Armfighter.


The World Armwrestling Federation is an international federation of national and regional associations, with members from 80 countries throughout the world.


The World Armwrestling League is a U.S. based organization featuring intense, high-energy matches , and up close fan experience and the sports' top superstars.


The U.S. division of WAF, this federation consists of high-level promoters that run a good event with sanctioned referees. Headed by Simon Berriochoa, the mission of the USAF is to facilitate and grow an annual National Championship each and every year and to develop and advance the armwrestling athletes of the United States within the sport here and abroad.

Promotions Under the USAF Umbrella

Many promoters are affiliated with the USAF, but we have listed the two major nationwide players below. Any USAF affiliated event will have proper officiating and quality administration.

United States Armwrestling Association

Leonard Harkliss and Denise Wattles run this longstanding organization that provides consistent, high quality events throughout the U.S. and beyond, including the Arnolds, the International Championships and Kentucky Muscle.

Ultimate Armwrestling League

Headed by Bill Collins, the UAL's mission is to provide a modern platform to help provide every possible opportunity for it's world class athletes to succeed. They host many events including the Anaheim/L.A. Fit Expo and USAF Nationals.

Unafilliated Promotions

There are many promoters that put on armwrestling events throughout the U.S. that are not affiliated with the USAF. Many still use the WAF rules, but there are exceptions. Be sure to check the details to be sure of the rules and registration process.

Powerhouse Armwrestling Federation

The PAF is based out of Florida, and is ran by Anthony Letterio. They hold many events across the U.S., including a PAF National Championship.

Kansas City Armwrestling

Headed by Ryan Johnston, this organization not only holds huge tournaments in the KC area with high-level talent from all over the country, but supports great causes in the process.

Michigan Arms

Also a high-level team, Michigan Arms has been running events in MI since 1988. Their Michigan State Championship is one of the biggest tournaments in the country every year.

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