Hand Control Worldwide

Hosted by Joshua Grant and Jon Brown, Hand Control Worldwide is currently the longest standing armwrestling podcast running. Loaded with great content, they have also had a plethora of guests on previous shows that you can find on their YouTube channel as well as their website.

In the Hook

In the Hook with Herman and Gobby is a new podcast hosted by Herman Stevens, Chris Gobby and Joseph Drellack. With a wealth of passion and knowledge of the sport, they will also add additional content to their YouTube channel as well.


The Ryan Blue Bowen Show

Hosted by Ryan Bowen, this podcast was an instant hit for featuring legend John Brzenk. The Australian has shown he is quite the entrepreneur by diligently working on making a career in the sport and has a load of original content on his YouTube channel and on his website.


An armwrestling podcast from Jody Williams.  You will have to link to him on Facebook to catch him hosting a show, but you could find previous archived shows as well.


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